This is a traditional French song about Spring and fertility.

It can be found as "Mariez-vous, belles" (Get Married Girls).


*"I learned this song as, 'Quand nous sommes à Pâques, nous sommes au printemps' (When we're at Easter, we're in the Spring)." -Monique


"The first tune is the one you can find in print and the second is the one I learned as a child and is obviously a variant of the first."- Monique.

Tune #1


MP3: Monique

Tune #2


MP3: Monique

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Nous quittons les Pâques

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Monique Palomares for sharing this song with us, for singing it, for the midi and score. Translated by Monique and Lisa.

Merci beaucoup !