"This is actually a nonsense song which we used to sing as kids during recess. It is an Akan or Twi song." -Funke


*Fufu is a doughy dish that's served with soup.
**Abenkwan is a Ghanaian palm nut soup

I asked Funke what she uses to make fufu (there are different ways to make it). She responded, "The original way is to boil green plantain and cassava (yucca) and then pound them together in mortal and pestle. These days, fufu comes in packages of plantain flour, cocoyam flour or yam flour. If you visit any African store, you will see examples."

Photo of Fufu and Palm Nut Soup

Senwa Dedende - Ghanaian Children's Songs - Ghana - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World 1


The refrain of this song is sung by choruses around the world as "Senwa dedende".



MP3: Funke

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Funke for sharing the full lyrics of this song, for the translation and recording!

Image: "Fufu-palmnutsoup" by Eggi at German Wikipedia, cc.