Songs from Ghana – Lyrics, Books, Videos and CD’s

Lisette wrote to me looking for children’s songs from Ghana:

Dear Lisa,

We are very interested in the childrens songs and rhymes from Ghana. How can we order the book and how much does is cost?

We would like to hear from you soon.

With kind regards,

Lisette Achten

We have the lyrics to some songs from Ghana on Mama Lisa’s World and on my blog. Here are some links to hear or buy recordings or books recommended by Lyndsey whose husband is from Ghana:

Mothers’ music and lyrics help save children’s lives in Ghana

Ghana: Song is song all over the world

CD’s of Music from Ghana

Materials on

Book: Let Your Voice Be Heard!: Songs from Ghana and Zimbabwe (Recommended by Lyndsey)

CD’s (of Music in Ghana – not just kids songs)

Ghana: Rhythms of the People

Ghana High-Life And Other Popular Music

Ghana: Music of the Northern Tribes

DVD: Traditional Dances of Ghana

If anyone can send recordings and songs from Ghana or recommend any books or cds – please let us know in the comments below or email me at . Thanks!

Mama Lisa

I leave you with some videos of kids in Ghana dancing…

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  1. Elaine Says:

    I loved the Ghana kids dancing videos! Thanks!

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