This song goes back to the early 1600's. It commemorates Charles de Gontaut, Duke of Biron and Marshal of France. He was sentenced to death and executed in 1602 for plotting with the King of Spain against his old friend, Henry IV, King of France. The tune is from a 16th century carol called, "Joseph est bien marié".


*Breeches are short trousers that end just below the knee. They were worn by men until the early 1800's.

Re. the line, "Ses jarretières de lisière" - literally means "His garters made of selvage- a self-finished edge of fabric that keeps the fabric from unraveling or fraying.


In this recording you can hear the 1st through 6th verses sung and then the last verse.


MP3: Monique Palomares

Here is the last verse so that you can build up the whole song:
Quand Biron voulut danser,
Quand Biron voulut danser,
Son veston fit apporter,
Son veston fit apporter,
Son veston un peu long,
Sa perruque à la turque,
Ses bretelles en dentelle,
Ses culottes rouge carotte,
Ses souliers de papier,
Son accordéon,
"Vous danserez, Biron !"

English Translation

When Biron wanted to dance,
When Biron wanted to dance,
He had is jacket brought,
His jacket a little long,
His wig in the Turkish style,
His suspenders made of lace,
His carrot-red breeches,
His paper shoes,
His accordion,
"You will dance, Biron!"
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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Biron

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing and translating this song (with Lisa), the comments, the midi, the sheet music and the mp3 recording.

Merci beaucoup !