This is a very old song. It was collected by J.B Weckerlin in his book, "Chansons et rondes pour les enfants" in 1870. It's the French version of the Canadian song, "Bonhomme, bonhomme". A somewhat similar song was published in 1612.

"Mist'en laire" doesn't mean anything.


Mist'en laire can be found as "mist' en l'air", "mistenlaire", "mistanlaire"…

Game Instructions

The children hold hands to form a circle. They walk around in a circle during the first two lines. When they sing "laire, laire, laire", they raise their arms and wave their hands. When they sing "Oh! Oh! Oh!" they turn around while clapping, then they resume their walk. On the following verses, "bass, bass, bass", "flute, flute, flute" etc. they pretend they're playing the instrument.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - La mist'en laire

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing and translating this song and for contributing the comments, game instructions, midi, score and mp3

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