"I will share this with you, it is in the English language with a few interjections. I won't quite say that the interjections are in the Yoruba language." -Oluwayemisi Okoya

Most of this song is in English but the last line is in Pidgin English.


*"As for 'PAMUREGE' I don't know what it means. Some of these expressions, one is only able to give meaning to them as we grew older, as children we just chanted them not knowing what they mean." -Oluwayemisi Okoya
**Whatever the child's name is, he or she says it.
**The name of his or her village or town.

Game Instructions

The children make a circle just like in this song. (See the video at the link.) Each will get into the centre of the circle while the others sing and clap. The one in the circle sings and dances to impress.

The last line can continue for as long as they enjoy the dance steps and performance of the one in the centre.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Oluwayemisi Okoya for sharing this song and for the dance instructions!

Thank you!