This is a fun summer version of "Duck, Duck, Goose". It's best to wear a bathing suit when you play this game because you're bound to get wet!


A variation is to say "Drip, Drip, Drop".

Game Instructions

The kids sit in a circle except for the one who's "It". The person who's "It" goes around with a bucket of water dripping some water on each kid's head while saying "drip". Eventually, the one who's "It" says, "Splash!" and splashes water from the bucket a kid's head. The one who was splashed has to chase the one who's "It" around the circle. The one who's "It" has to go around the circle and finally sit in the 2nd kid's spot. The 2nd kid is now "It". If the 2nd kid catches the one who's "It" before they get to the spot, then the 1st kid continues being "It" for another turn.

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