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Ani wer-duh bei-vah she-kli ja-mil
Ma-ah hila ja-mah-li leh-men a-mil
Yahl-sil ra yah-ki bar ish-la bul ha-lib
lil-sa hah lil-oh wah es al-o-pa bib
Esh-lab ahai-la meh lek wuf-go-li ih-la
lah-zin tish-ko rap buk a-bo-den a-bo-den ma-ten-sah



Many thanks to Ahmed Jewad for sharing the recording!

A video of "The White Flower" - the full (long) version...
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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - الوردة البيضاء -

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ahmed Jewad (Ahmed Albabili) for sharing this song, for the pronunciation and the English translation. Ahmed has a Facebook Group called Learning English "Ask and We Shall Answer". Ahmed is also involved with the English Improvement Center.

Image: Rose 'Coquette des Blanches' (Lacharme 1871), illustration from the "Journal des roses" (June 1885).