"There are some mimes that go with this game, but they are completely optional. It's usually just sung." -Edith

In the lyrics you'll find numbers that correspond to the movements in the game instructions below the song.


* I thought it was fair enough to put "sí" (yes) in the English translation, since it does actually says "yes", in English, in the Spanish version.


There's a minor variation of these lyrics:

¡glu, glu! = ¡café!
¡ña, ña! = ¡bebé!

Game Instructions


(1) Mimic shooting a gun twice.
(2) Mimic drinking something.
(3) Mime a house roof with both hands.
(4) Mime a train driver.
(5) Pump arm twice.
(6) Make kissing sounds.



Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for singing this song for us.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Edith I. C.-P. V. for contributing and translating this song.

¡Muchas gracias!