Kai (scissors), Bai (rock), Bo (paper) is a choosing game used to decide something between two kids. It's the Korean version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", but in a different order (i.e. scissors, rock, paper).



Kai (scissors)
Bai (rock)
Bo (paper)

It's sometimes pronounced "gawi, bawi, bo".

Game Instructions

At the same time the two players say: "Kai, bai, bo!". Then put their hands out at exactly the same time in one of three signs: Kai (scissors), Bai (rock), Bo (paper). To choose "scissors", you put out the thumb and pointer finger imitating scissors. You make a fist for "rock". You put out a flat hand horizontal to the ground for "paper".

Here's how you know who won the round depending upon which symbol each kid put out:

- Rock (bai) beats Scissors (kai)
- Scissors (kai) beats Paper (bo)
- Paper (bo) beats Rock (bai)

If both kids put out their hand as the same object, they have to replay the round. Whoever wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins.

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