"This is the version of Un petit chien I used as a child." -Monique


* In "Comptines de langue française" Éditions Seghers, Paris, 1961, 1970, the "English" part of this rhyme is given as "a good schlin, gala gadchin".

Another version exists with a different ending:

Sur son collier c'est écrit en latin
Bibis Cotin (ou Bibi Fricotin)

On is collar is written in Latin
Bibis Cotin (or Bibi Fricotin)

Bibis Cotin is a play on words, "biscotin" is a type of cookies; Bibi Fricotin was a character of very popular French comic strips (122 books from 1924 to 1988).



Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing and recording this counting-out rhyme. Translation by Monique and Lisa.

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Sheet Music - Un petit chien