Julie Sisco wrote, "I was surprised to see your post of the Knock at the Door, Peep In Scottish nursery rhyme. My mom used to do one similar to us and years later to our babies and grandbabies, with a difference or two. Ours went…"


How to play the game:

1. Lightly "knock" on the forehead.
2. Carefully rise up each eyebrow.
3. Gently lift up the tip of the nose.

Julie gave these instructions about how her Mom would play the last 3 lines of this game…

4. "…here she would drop the lower lip down with her finger"
5. "grasp the chin"
6. "…then she would put her hand on the baby's tummy and shake the tummy quickly back and forth and say, GULLY, GULLY, GULLY! in a louder voice as she was doing it. The babies always loved the GULLY, GULLY bit and would laugh out loud."

Julie continued: "Mom is 87 now, and it's been a lot of generations between now and when our ancestors came over to the new world, so I was surprised to see your version, so similar to our family's. Thanks for the rhyme."

Julie Sisco
Keosauqua, Iowa, USA


There are different versions of this rhyme.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Julie Sisco for sharing her family's version of this rhyme.

Thanks so much!