Emmanuelle Fleury wrote from France, "I just wanted to add something about the 'Canadian song' V'là l'Bon Vent, for me it was a French song that my mum used to sing to me when I was little, and for the end of the chorus, we use: 'Ma mie m'attends', which means 'my dear friend'."

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*Re. "Ma mie" (my dear friend) - Generally, if it's a woman singing, "ma mie" would mean, "my dear friend". If it's a man singing, "ma mie" would mean, "my beloved".


Dani Atkinson originally sent me this song with the note: "I spent several years in Quebec as a kid. While I was there, somebody gave me a picture book and an accompanying tape of French/French-Canadian folk songs. Both book and tape have since disappeared, but I remember some of the tunes, and I recently hunted up the lyrics to refresh them in my mind.

This one was my favourite. Apparently it's Acadian, over three hundred years old. There are several gazillion variations; I've pieced together the one I remember.

I don't swear to the accuracy of my translation, Quebec and French class were a while ago. ^_^;"


The original version of V'là l'Bon Vent seems to be from Quebec.



Many thanks to Edit' Dupont for singing this song for Mama Lisa's World.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dani Atkinson for contributing and translating this song and to Emmanuelle Fleury for pointing out that she sang it in France as a kid. Thanks also to Monique Palomares for help with the translation, for the midi tune and the photo.

Merci beaucoup !