"This is a ball bouncing game. According on my childhood memory, young girls would play it as a ball bouncing game outside and than as a hand play inside, while singing the song." -Sadao

The formal name of this song is Higo Temari 肥後手まり唄. This song is from the Edo period of Japan.



Anta gata doko sa

Anta gata doko sa?
Higo sa.
Higo doko sa?
Kumamoto sa.
Kumamoto doko sa?
Senba sa.
Senba yama ni wa
Tanuki ga otte sa.
Sore o ryoshi ga
Teppo de utte sa.
Nite sa, yaite sa, kutte sa.
Sore o konoha de
Choito kabuse.

Ryan sent this song with the note: "I have a song I recently learned that is a Japanese kids/folk song. This is a song I discovered in my first year Japan course papers. Its called Antagata Doko Sa. Its about someone asking where someone else lives. Which is near the Senba Mountain and it goes into a little story about a hunter tracking a raccoon and how he boils it, bakes it and then eats it and covers it with a leaf.


We'd love to learn how to play this game. Please email me if you know. Thanks! Mama Lisa

Here's the full song below (verses one and two are the same as the lyrics above). If anyone would like to provide a full translation, please email me:

(1) あんたがたどこさ 
(2)   船場山には狸がおってさ 
煮てさ 焼いてさ 食ってさ 
   (3) あんたがたどこさ 肥後さ 
肥後どこさ 熊本さ 熊本どこさ 船場さ
   (4) 船場川にはえびさがおってさ 
煮てさ 焼いてさ 食ってさ



Thanks to Ryan Thomas for contributing this song, singing it for us and sending a score for it. Thanks to Sadao Mazuka for commenting on this song and for sharing a YouTube video.

"The children are bouncing balls in the garden of a typical local Shinto shrine singing the song in this video. Recently it's hard to find girls playing such a game. I think it's part of our precious traditional children's past-times. Young girls are now absorbed in video games and other new games. They don't play such an old game I think. So the video of 'ball bouncing' is quite precious." -Sadao
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.
In the video below the ladies are passing bean bags in a circle to the tune of the song.
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - あんたがたどこさ  - (Anta gata doko sa)