In French, to be wise and to be good are said the same way.

Game Instructions

The children form a circle holding hands. A child, previously chosen, stays out of the circle.

Line 1: The children walk to the left.
Line 2: They stop and wave "no" with their right hand.
Line 3: They walk to the right.
Line 4: They stop and wave "no" with their left hand.

Lines 5, 6 & 7: Step to the right in the circle.
Lines 8, 9 & 10: Step to the left in the circle.

Lines 11 & 12: The children stop, they raise their arms and the child left outside comes in.
Lines 13 & 14: He bows in front of three children he chooses and kisses them. The last one goes out of the circle, the first child joins the others and the game starts again.

Easier variant: The children walk to the left on the first verse and made a sidestep on the chorus. When the child who's outside comes into the circle on the 2nd verse, he walks in the opposite direction before bowing and choosing three children.



Many thanks to Edit' Dupont for contributing and singing this song for Mama Lisa's World.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Et quand serons-nous sages ?