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*The last 2 lines can be sung this way:

Mais quand il n'y est pas, moi je danse, moi je danse,
Mais quand il n'y est pas, moi je danse la polka.

English Translation:

But when he's not here, I dance, I dance,
But when he's not here, I dance the polka.

Some people add "du roi" at the end of the last line, some don't. If you do add it, then it's "je danse la polka du roi" (I dance the king's polka).



Many thanks to Edit' Dupont for contributing and singing this song for Mama Lisa's World.


Many thanks to Monique Palomares for singing this song for us!

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Sheet Music - C'est Gugusse

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Translation: Monique Palomares and Lisa Yannucci

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