In this song "Iro ye", "Iro" is the name of the baby.

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*Literally, "Life will be happy for you".

This song is in the Mina language. The language is also called Ge, Gebe, Gen-Gbe, Guin, Mina-Gen and Popo.


Oceanne wrote, "This song is from the Ewe community in Benin. This song is to any child, it was also used to bless any woman who was going to be married.

Iro is a name so you can also take the name of your child, your sister or somebody that means much to you…

The song says:

What should I give (you)?
I have nothing to give
But I will pray for you !!!
Your life will be good
And you will have a long life…"



Thanks to Élodie Chebat for contributing this song and singing it for us!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Sylvain Buttaro and his friends for providing the translation into French. Thanks to Oceanne for helping with the meaning of this song too.

Image: Van Gogh