Masae wrote, "I think you need an explanation about this song. In Japan, we believe (especially when we are small) that the raccoon dog plays the belly drum with its front legs while standing on its hind legs. Shoujou-ji Temple is famous for the tradition of the raccoon dog belly drum.

However, this song is not a traditional one. The full name of the song is 'Shojoji no tanuki bayashi' (Raccoon Dogs Dancing at Shojoji Temple). The lyrics were written by Noguchi Ujo (1882 – 1945)."

Below is the newer version of this song...

証 証 証城寺 - (Shojoji no Tanuki) - Japanese Children's Songs - Japan - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image


*of Sho-jo-ji Temple
**Japanese bush clover


Sho(u) Sho(u) Shoujou-ji (we pronounce it like "Sho-jo-ji")
Shoujou-ji no niwa wa
Tsu(n) Tsu(n) Tsukiyo da
Min-na dete koi koi koi
Oira no tomodacha
Pon poko pon no pon

Makeruna makeruna
O(t)-sho san ni makeruna
koi koi koi
koi koi koi
Min-na dete koi koi koi

Sho(u) Sho(u) Sho(u)jo(u)-ji
Sho(u)jo(u)-ji no hagi wa
Tsu(n) tsu(n) tsuki-yo ni hana zakari
Oiraha ukarette
Pon poko pon no pon


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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Masae Morishima for contributing and helping to translate this song and for the transliteration! Thanks to Laura Manzano for help with the transliteration. Thanks to Yoko Collier-Sanuki for proofing this song for us. Thanks to Sadao Mazuka for helping with the song and for the midi.

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