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Jane Halladay wrote: "My Grandmother, who was Norwegian, sang My Pigeon Doors to me and my brothers and sisters. I loved it and sang it to my children. Now I sing it to my grandchildren and it is their favorite - even the teenagers beg me to sing it to them. Our version goes like this:

My Pigeon Doors I open wide and set my pigeons free
They fly 'ore the hills on every Dale and land on the tallest tree.
And when they return, from their merry merry journ,
I shut my door and say "good night"
Coo a roo, coo a roo, coo a roo, coo a roo
Coo a roo, coo a roo, coo a roo."

Mary Reid wrote, "My mother and grandmother also sang this. They came from that part of Poland near Russia.

When the sun comes up
And the day begins
I set my pigeons free.
They fly so high 'til they reach the sky and set on the tallest tree.
And when they return to their merry merry nest
I shut the door and I say goodnight.
Coo coo coo coo coo …."

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Erin for contributing this song! Thanks to Jane Halladay for contributing her grandmother's version of this song. Thanks to Mary Reid for sharing her family's version.

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