Game Instructions

One player is the Mouse and another one is the Kitty. The rest of the kids stand in a circle. The Mouse goes in the center of the circle and the Kitty goes on the outside of it. On the first verse the players in the circle hold hands and go around in a circle while singing. Meanwhile, the Kitty is on the outside of the circle creeping around peeping at the Mouse. On the 4th line of the 1st verse, "And quickly runs away", the kids in the circle stop moving, they stop holding hands and the Mouse runs in and out of the circle while being chased by the Kitty.

On the last verse, while the chase is going on, the kids in the circle sing while clapping. When the Kitty catches the Mouse, both become part of the circle and and another Kitty and Mouse are chosen. Then the game begins again!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

This song can be found in "Manual of Play" (1914) by William Byron Forbush.