Effie sent us this song and wrote, "'Effua Put the Fufu On' is a Ghanaian version of 'Polly Put the Kettle On'." When asked about "fufu", she said, "Fufu .....how do I describe it? It's like mash potatoes but a bit more solid - made from farina (I think). It's often eaten with soup.

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Effua Put the Fufu On

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Effua Daniels for contributing this song. Thanks to Huub de Vriend for the midi music and score.

Photo: Londonsista at Wikipedia - The photographer wrote about the pic: "Photograph of a plate of fufu made from mashed potato & farina, and a bowl of peanut soup made by my mum ;)"

Thank you!