This song is sung to the tune of "A Tisket, A Tasket".

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Nancy Kennison wrote, "One poem I looked at [on Mama Lisa's World] was 'It's raining, It's pouring'. My family, as well as some rhyming books I had as a child, had a slightly different version. I thought I would share it with you..."

It's raining,
It's pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He bumped his head
When he went to bed
And won't get up 'till morning.


Here's the version in the mp3:

It's raining, it's pouring,
The old man is snoring.
He bumped his head
On top of the bed
And couldn't get up
In the morning.


Thanks to Calvin and Lila for recording this song!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

The 1st 2 lines of this rhyme can be found in The Little Mother Goose (1912), illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith, and printed in the USA.

Thanks to Nancy Kennison for sharing her version of the rhyme.