This song goes along with a legend about the Giant Farell – also known as the Giant of the Pine (el Gegant del Pi). He uprooted a pine tree to fight the Giant Moor who held the city of Barcelona (and was called "the Giant of the City"). The Giant of the Pine caught the Giant of the City and hurled him over roofs and walls.

The legend goes that while the Giant of the Pine was on his way to the city, children were singing the first verse to him and that the second verse was sung while the Giant of the City was flung over the roofs. (Another version says that the Giant of the City fled by running over the rooftops). When the Giant of the Pine was on his way home he lay down to rest but it was so cold that he got petrified and became what is now the mount El Farell in the town of Caldes de Montbui, near Barcelona.

It's interesting to note that Barcelona has a church called Santa Maria del Pi (Saint Mary of the Pine).



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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - El Gegant del Pi

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