*Note: In the US, Peekaboo and Hide and Seek are two different games. Peekaboo is played with a small child by hiding your face or his/fer face with something (like a piece of fabric or your hand etc.) and saying, "Peekaboo!". Then you take it away and say, "I see you!" Hide and Seek is usually played by older kids. One kid covers his/her eyes and counts while the rest hide. The one who counts has to go find all the kids. First s/he says, "Ready or not, here I come!" Whoever s/he finds and then tags becomes the new "Seeker" in the next round. Alternatively, s/he can simply find all the kids and then another player becomes the "Seeker".

Here's what Monique Palomares from France said about these games:

"In French, we use the word "coucou" in both games. We have no real set name for the "peekaboo" game. We say "coucou" as you say "peekaboo" with babies and we also say "coucou" when playing hide and seek. When the kids have hidden and the seeker starts to seek, those far enough not to be found cry "coucou!". This is why the little rabbit says "coucou!" in the song."

Monique and I decided that "Peekaboo" works in the song since there are no equivalent words or phrases to "coucou" in the Hide and Seek Game in English. I think it sounds good! -Mama Lisa


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Le lapin s'est sauvé dans le jardin

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing this song! Translated by Monique and Mama Lisa.

Merci beaucoup!