This rhyme is chanted and is used to determine who will be "it" in a game.


Monique from Mama Lisa's World en français said, "There's a less classy (!) version that goes:

A B C D,
Des carottes et des navets
Mon grand-père est enterré
Dans le trou du cabinet.
Quand la vache pètera
Mon grand-père sortira.


A, B, C, D,
Some carrots and some turnips,
My grandfather has been buried
In the hole in the toilet.
When the cow farts
My grandfather will get out.

Even cruder versions exist!"




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Sheet Music

Sheet Music - A B C D, des carottes et des navets

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ludovic Chauvat who makes wonderful lamps for contributing this rhyme from his childhood. Translated by Lisa and Monique.

Merci beaucoup!