This song is in the Gascon dialect.


The song goes on enumerating the days of the week, i.e. dimarts, dimècres, dijaus, divés, dissabte, dimenge.

Game Instructions

On the first musical phrase, the children sing while walking in a circle. Then on the second one, the leader and his/her partner on the left separate and walk out of the circle, his/her end of the chain following him/her until they meet again and the round goes on, the children with their backs to the center. They do the same movement on the second verse, so they resume their initial position at the end.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Cauderòt s'i lèva

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Éliane Gauzit for allowing us to use this circle game song from her book "Faridondeta revira-te" Ed. Atlantica 2005 and to Monique Palomares for translating it.

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