There are two versions of this song in the lyrics below.

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The second version follows the first one in the midi.

Game Instructions

First slip a ring on a long string and tie both ends. To determine the length of the string, you need to use about 20" of string (50cm) per player.

The children make a circle around one child in the center. The kids standing in the circle hold the string with both hands. So there will be one long circle of string that's held by the kids. The kids pass the ring along the string from hand to hand. The child in the middle has to guess who has the ring.

As soon as the child in the center guesses who has the ring, he says so and the two children switch spots.



Thanks to Tiphaine Woerth for recording this song for Mama Lisa's World!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Il court le furet

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Jade Kite for contributing this song and to Monique Palomares for the midi music!

Illustration by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1851-1913) from Vieilles Chansons pour les Petits Enfants: Avec Accompagnements / de Ch. M. Widor (1844 - 1937); Illustrations Par M.B. de Monvel. Paris: E. Plon, Nourrit et Cie, [191-]. The image was graphically edited by Lisa Yannucci.