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apam.ImageServletHere’s a cute little song called Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words (I love you) about love and marriage.  The song was written by Bert Kalmar (1884-1947), music by Ted Snyder (1881-1965).  Below you can listen to an mp3 recording and read along with the lyrics…

MP3 of Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words. (I love you)

Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words. (I love you)

Your granddad told your grandma

The words I tell to you.

Your father and your mother,

They told one another too.

They’re known in every language,

They’re new each time they’re told.

Before our birth they have been said,

And will be when we’re old.



Eight little letters make three little words,

Cooed by the doves and sung by the birds,

Sweetest of all the words I know,

They’re simple too

Can you learn them?

First word is I, and the last word is you,

Love just links the two

I l-o-v-e y-o-u, spells I love you!


Now if you’ve learned your lesson

Just spell the words to me,

Don’t falter and the altar

It will hold us presently,

And when upon your finger

I place the wedding ring

With the seal of bliss

With one sweet kiss,

Then with the preacher sing…




Sung by Ruth Golding


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One Response to “Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words (I love you) – A Song about Love and Marriage”

  1. what is love Says:

    very nice song. love is the key to most things that people make impossible.

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