Can Anyone Help with a Sicilian Rhyme about the Face?

Terry wrote asking for help with a Sicilian rhyme…

I am trying to track down the rhyme my Sicilian (Sant’Agata, Messina) grandmother used to say to us as children, as she touched each part of our face, ending with a little cheek tap.

All I remember is something like…

nasca patateddu
Occhi putesiddu
Frunda ballada
E tenna bimbilada

Not at all sure of spelling!

I can’t remember much of it but the English translation was something like:

chin like a ———
mouth like a mushroom
nose like a potato
eyes like ——
forehead like a board…
and here’s a little slap!

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below…

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Deb wrote asking for help with another Sicilian rhyme. She wrote, “Searching for the words to a Sicilian game starting with Nolla Nolla Nolla.”

    If anyone can help, please comment about it. Thanks! Mama Lisa

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