*ti-ti-ti means nothing special, it's like la-la or nah-nah

Transliteration (see pronunciation notes below)
Na kry sela zhoote kooche

Na kry sela zhoote kooche, tee-tee-tee,
Zhoote kooche, ta-ta-ta,
Zhoote koochitsa.

OO nyoy sedee stara myka, tee-tee-tee,
Stara myka, ta-ta-ta,
Stara mykitsa.

Ona eema yednoo tyerkoo, tee-tee-tee,
Yednoo tyerkoo, too-too-too,
Yednoo tyerkeetsoo.

Tyerka eema vredne rooke, tee-tee-tee,
Vredne rooke, te-te-te,
Vredne roochitse.

Notes on Pronunciation

"a" like in "car"
"y" (alone) like in "cry"
"e" like in "bed"
"zh" like the "s" in "leasure" or "Asia"



Aleksandra is a music teacher from Novi Sad, Serbia. She teaches music to children from 1 1/2 to 7 years old in her music school Melodium.



This song was sung by 4 year old Ana, a "Melodium" student. Thank you Ana!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Na kraj sela žuta kuća

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Aleksandra Grbic Hrustic for contributing and translating this song, for the midi music and the musical score.

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