"This is a Frisian children's song, usually the toddler sitting astride on mommy's/daddy's/granddad/granny's lap, moving up and down, sung by the parents or grandparents." -Gerrit


*The capital of Friesland (called Leeuwarden in Dutch)
**The 2nd largest city of the province of Friesland (called Sneek in Dutch)

Notes on Vocabulary:

Pinke (yearling) is a young cow 1-2 years old.
Jeie, to pronounce as yaaye, is riding as fast as possible.
Kedde or kêde is a small horse, something between a horse and a pony.


You can hear this song and find a score for it here.


Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Hop, hop hynke

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Gerrit Walstra for sharing this song with us and for translating it into English!

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