"Here in Morocco whenever it starts to rain, all the children who are outdoors start to chant the following song..." -Mohamed

آ شتا تاتا تاتا - Moroccan Children's Songs - Morocco - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image



Achta ta ta

A chta tata tata
A wlidat lherata

A lmaalm Bouzekri
Tybli khbzi bekri
Bach naachi wlidati

Wlidati aand lqadi
Wlqadi majab khebar



Thanks to Mohamed Akaddar for singing this song for us!

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - آ شتا تاتا تاتا

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mohamed Akaddar for sharing this song, for translating it and for the transliteration! Thanks to Monique Palomares for the illustration!

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