How They Count on Their Hands in the Dominican Republic

We recently discussed how people count on their fingers in different countries.

Today Jackie and Meegan taught me how they count on their hands in the Dominican Republic. It’s similar to how they count in Morocco.  They join the thumb and the pinkie for 1, the thumb and the ring finger for 2, the thumb and the middle finger for 3, the thumb and the index finger for 4 and the hand open with all 5 fingers out for five.

Like this…

20160204_144735Touch the thumb to the pinkie for one.

20160204_144737Touch the thumb to the ring finger for two.

20160204_144739Touch the thumb to the middle finger for three.

20160204_144745Touch the thumb to the index finger for four.

20160204_144748Open the hand with all five fingers out for five.

Many thanks to Jackie and Meegan for sharing this with us and to Meegan for the pics!

Mama Lisa

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