Юр'я (Yuri, Jari or Yarily) was a pagan god of spring, crops, fertility and virility. There used to be a spring holiday associated with Jari. This holiday eventually merged into St George's Day.

 Юр'я! Ўставай рана  - Belarusian Children's Songs - Belarus - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World  - Intro Image



Jurja! Ŭstavaj rana.
Jurja! Ŭmyjsia biela.
Jurja! Vaźmi kliučy.
Jurja! Vyjdzi ŭ polie.
Jurja! Adamkni ziamliu.
Jurja! Puści rasu,
Jurja! Miadovuju.
Jurja! Puści travu,
Jurja! Šaŭkovuju

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Translation: Mama Lisa

Image: Wikipedia - 19th-Century Illustration of the Spring Day Yuriev in Russia.

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