This song is in Gascon dialect.


Notes: 1. "Four" has been skipped because it has two syllables (quate).
2) "L'anèth" is "anneau" meaning "band" = "ring without anything on it"... "Anèth" translated as "ring" actually means "wedding band".


Monique wrote: "'Nòvia' means bride meaning newly married or 'just about to be married', but it also means 'fiancé' (specifically the woman). In this case it's the wedding day meaning of "bride", meaning just before and just after the ceremony. Thus, in the song, the meaning of "nòvia" and "bride" are the same."



Many thanks to Jane Thomasson for playing the "boha" (local bagpipe)


Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing, translating and singing this song and contributing the midi and score.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - La nòvia

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