I was sent this translation of an alternate version of the last verse with a note: "This is a really typical Catalan song that every child knows. It's like the moon and the plum but with the sun. There are several more: cargol treu banya, baixant de la font del gat, la pastoreta...

Catalan is spoken for more than ten million people and actually it is a co-official language in Spain. "

El pobre sol solet
No té capa
No té capa,
El pobre sol solet
No té capa
Ni barret.

The poor little sun
Hasn't got a cloak
Hasn't got a cloak
The poor little sun
Hasn't got a cloak or a hat.


In the recording, for the last verse, Alicia sings the verse that's in the notes below the song.


Many thanks to Alicia Calvo for recording this song for us.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Sol solet

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Irene Comas for contributing and translating this song into Spanish. Many thanks also to Monique Palomares for the English translation, the midi tune and the sheet music.

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