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Le petit lapin
(French Circle Dance)

Le petit lapin
The Little Rabbit
Ronde à choix
Circle Dance

Mon petit lapin a bien du chagrin
Il ne saute plus, ne danse plus dans mon jardin.

Saute, saute, saute, mon petit lapin
Et va-vite embrasser quelqu'un.
A little rabbit is in the center of the circle and the other kids go around him singing…

Then the kids stop dancing around, while the kids continue singing and clapping their hands, the little rabbit in the middle starts hopping…
At the invitation to kiss someone, the little rabbit chooses one of the other kids , kisses him/her and that kid takes the role of rabbit in the center.

My little rabbit is very sad,
He no longer hops, no longer dances in my garden.

Hop, hop, hop, my little rabbit,
And go quickly kiss someone.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Monique Palomares for contributing this song. Translated by Mama Lisa and Monique.

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