When Black Friday Comes…

I hope you all had a happy “Black Friday”!

In the US, the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday”. I always thought it was because the stores are so crowded due to sales and people going Christmas shopping. That seems like a pretty “black” situation to me.

But yesterday, I learned that it’s a actually a pun based on accountancy terms. When a company is losing money, they’re in the “red”. When they’re profitable, they’re in the “black”. The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, a day when retail stores make a large percentage of their holiday sales. It’s so important to them that many move from the “red” into the “black”. Hence, “Black Friday”.

Interestingly, “Black Friday” also has a much more negative financial association: It can refer to Friday, September 24th, 1869, the day of one of the largest stock market crashes in American history.

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