Ukot Boke – A Song from the Marshall Islands

Here’s a pretty song from the Marshall Islands called "Ukot Boke".

"This song is about thanking your mother and your father for their love and for everything they have done for you.." -Benjamin (singer in the video)

If anyone can provide the Marshallese lyrics to this song and/or an English translation, please comment below or email me.

Thanks and enjoy!

Mama Lisa

Note: We’ve just added some songs from the Marshall Islands to Mama Lisa’s World!

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3 Responses to “Ukot Boke – A Song from the Marshall Islands”

  1. Ronnie Romak Says:

    Here is the lyric in Marshallese of this beautiful Marshallese song.

    I. Ke iaar juon ajri jino ear lukkun in lale io
    Ke iaar naninmej ear lukkun in jiburlep io
    Ejjelok enaj kea kon io ej lukkun at bakoj io
    Elane ear jab mama eban kar na rainin

    Cho: Ohhh ij kamolol Anij kon mama eo ao
    Eo eaar komman bwe mour e ao en lo rainin
    Ejjelok men imaron in lewoj nan eok
    Bwe kwojela na ij juon ri-muri
    Botaap men eo de in inaaj Ukot Boka nan eok

    II: Jema ej janin kar bulak e juon ao naan
    Ear lukkun in katakin io bwe in iakwe JESUS
    Ear tok io nan ial eo ejimwe nan mour in de eo
    Elane ear jab papa ipan kar lo rainin


  2. Ronnie Romak Says:

    When I was a child, mom really took care of me
    When I got sick, she hugged me deeply
    When nobody cared for me, she held me tightly
    If it wasn’t my mom, It won’t be me today

    Cho: Ohhh! I thank heavenly father for my mommy
    Whom she made me to be alive today
    There is nothing I can give you mommy, but I’ll look after you

    My father never broke any of

  3. Lisa Yannucci Says:

    Thanks Ronnie! If you or anyone else could provide the rest of the translation, that would be great!

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