Two New Mozart Pieces Found and Played for the 1st Time

Two new Mozart piano pieces were found in a French library in January. The pieces are the first movement of the concerto in G, molto allegro, and a prelude in G. They were most likely composed when Mozart was 7 or 8.

The pieces were played for the first time to a modern audience on Sunday, in Austria, in a house Mozart lived in, on Mozart’s very own piano! You can hear part of the concert in the YouTube video below.

Ah, to be young and a genius! Nice!


Mama Lisa

UPDATE: You can hear the performances of Mozart’s two new compositions that were recently discovered (by clicking the link). The full pieces should be available to hear at The Mozart Foundation Site soon (if you can’t hear them all now).

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2 Responses to “Two New Mozart Pieces Found and Played for the 1st Time”

  1. going up Says:

    Where is the other piece? please post this too.


  2. Lisa Says:

    You can hear both new Mozart pieces here.

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