Trying to find a Christmas Hymn with the line, “Beneath the olive shadows”

Peter wrote:

We sang this in Catholic School in NYC during the 40’s and 50’s. It started with the lyrics:

Beneath the olive shadows,
Our lady sat and spun,
A soft and tiny garment,
For her dear and precious One etc.

Thanks for your help,

Peter Morrone

If anyone can help Peter with the lyrics to the Christmas Hymn, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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8 Responses to “Trying to find a Christmas Hymn with the line, “Beneath the olive shadows””

  1. Reenie Says:

    I have been searching for these lyrics for years. I believe the next line is “and the angels…” If you get the rest, please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Reenie and everyone else for helping out!

    Reenie – your best bet is to come back to this link from time to time to see if anyone else writes in.

    Best wishes, Mama Lisa

  3. Reenie Says:

    Thanks Mama Lisa, this has been haunting me for years. I know it is in an old hymnal (used to be in the choir loft in Rye, NY).

  4. Sister Clare Anthony Says:

    I do know some of the words to the hymn you requested:

    Beneath the olive shadows
    Our Lady sat and spun
    A white and tiny garment
    For her dear and blessed one.
    The angels came to watch her
    So quiet and so serene
    And they plated their golden harp strings
    For their savior and their King

  5. jami Says:

    here it is at least my version

    Beneath the olive shadow
    our lady sat and spun
    a white and tiny garment
    for her dear and blessed one
    and the angels came to watch her
    so mild and tenderly
    and they played their golden harp strings
    to the praise of our king
    hail to thee sweet infant Jesus
    extend to us thy love
    pray that we who sing thy praises
    may all meet in heaven above.

  6. Dorothy Says:

    My mother used to sing this to me when I was little and I simply called it “The Lullaby.” I never knew all the words, just the beginning, probably because I always fell asleep mid song.
    This week my mom went on hospice care and the last real conversation we had I started singing her this song. She sang it back to me and fell asleep mid-song. She has not woken up since, tho she has not passed yet. I cannot believe I am able to take such a beautiful memory of her with me. Yesterday, I googled to see if I could find all the lyrics, I honestly thought she had made it up since I’ve never heard it anywhere else before. Thanks to those who posted lyrics. Now I have more words go to with the tune in my head.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Sorry to hear your mom isn’t well Dorothy. I’m glad you have this song. Best wishes, Lisa

  8. Dorothy Says:

    Thank you, mom passed this morning. I will always have this song.

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