The Worm – A Poem with an Illustration and MP3



MP3 Recording of The Worm

The Worm 
by Ralph Bergengren (1871-1947)

When the earth is turned in spring
The worms are fat as anything.

And birds come flying all around
To eat the worms right off the ground.

They like the worms just as much as I
Like bread and milk and apple pie.

And once, when I was very young,
I put a worm right on my tongue.

I didn’t like the taste a bit,
And so I didn’t swallow it.

But oh, it makes my Mother squirm
Because she thinks I ate that worm!

Thanks to Lila for reciting "The Worm" and to Sarina for illustrating it!

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  1. grampa Says:

    You did an amazing job! You’ve got dramatic talent. I am impressed.

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