The Sea Princess Poem

Drawing of a Mermaid

Katherine Pyle (1863 – 1938) wrote this version of The Sea Princess for the children’s magazine St. Nicholas in 1890.

The Sea Princess
By Katherine Pyle (1863 – 1938)

In a garden of shining sea-weed,
Set round with twisted shells,
Under the deeps of the ocean,
The little sea princess dwells.

Sometimes she sees the shadow
Of a great whale passing by,
Or a white-winged vessel sailing
Between the sea and the sky.

Without the palace, her sea-horse
Feeds in his crystal stall,
And fishes with scales that glisten
Come leaping forth at her call.

And when the day has faded,
From over the lonesome deep,
In a shell as smooth as satin
The princess is rocked to sleep.

A longer version of The Sea Princess exists, but I prefer the shorter one.


Mama Lisa

PS If you’re looking for a nursery rhyme about a queen, check out an illustrated one I just posted called, The Army of the Queen.

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  1. John Swinsburg Says:

    Great little poem. Will carry it with me when I sail in the Sea Princess from Sydney to Sydney in 2011

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