The First Spring Day – A Poem by Christina Rossetti with a Recording



This year spring is taking a while to blossom. It seems fitting right now to read “The First Spring Day” by Christina Rossetti about the very early spring. You can listen to the recording below and read along with the text. Enjoy! Mama Lisa

MP3 recording of The First Day of Spring

The First Spring Day
By Christina Rossetti

I wonder if the sap is stirring yet,
If wintry birds are dreaming of a mate,
If frozen snowdrops feel as yet the sun
And crocus fires are kindling one by one:
Sing, robin, sing;
I still am sore in doubt concerning Spring.

I wonder if the springtide of this year
Will bring another Spring both lost and dear;
If heart and spirit will find out their Spring,
Or if the world alone will bud and sing:
Sing, hope, to me;
Sweet notes, my hope, soft notes for memory.

The sap will surely quicken soon or late,
The tardiest bird will twitter to a mate;
So Spring must dawn again with warmth and bloom,
Or in this world, or in the world to come:
Sing, voice of Spring,
Till I too blossom and rejoice and sing.

Read by Melissa Perry.
Image: Early Spring – Bluebonnets and Mesquite by Julian Onderdonk (1882–1922).

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