The Australian Version of “Jingle Bells”

This song is particularly good for all you people out there in warm climates in December, or those who wish they were! Here are the lyrics to the Australian Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells
(Australian Version)

Dashing to the beach
With my boogie board and towel
Look at all the waves
Hear the surfers yell, YEE HAA
Put your sunscreen on
Don’t forget your hat
Because you will get sun burnt
If you don’t remember that

Summer time, Christmas time
Mosquitoes, bindies*
BBQ’s, sausages
Tomato sauces and flies

Jump into the pool
With your flippers on
Watch the dog catch flies
Sing a Christmas song
Christmas in Australia
Is very, very hot
So snow and sleighs and jingle bells
Is what we have not got

Chorus x2 (music to Jingles bells)

*Bindies are prickly nettles or burrs that grow in the grass in the summer in Australia. They often get stuck to barefeet and hurt. So watch out if you visit Australia in the summertime!

This is sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Many thanks to Ellen Partridge for contributing this song.

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