The Australian “Twelve Days of Christmas”

Here is the Australian version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. All 12 are animals…

On the First Day of Christmas
(Australian Version)

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

1. An emu up a gum tree.
2. Two pink galahs.
3. Three jabirus.
4. Four kookaburras.
5. Five kangaroos.
6. Six platypuses.
7. Seven koalas climbing.
8. Eight possums playing.
9. Nine wombats working.
10. Ten lizards leaping.
11. Eleven numbats nagging.
12. Twelve parrots prattling

Many thanks to Andrew for sending me this song.

Here are some links to see photos of these animals…

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5 Responses to “The Australian “Twelve Days of Christmas””

  1. lisa Says:

    thank you so much as a child care worker it is sometimes hard to find the exact words to songs

  2. Aussie Says:

    We sang this version when I was at school. But it should by a kookaburra in a gum tree for number 1, not an emu. ^_^

  3. Cindy Says:

    does anyone have the correct verison: kookaburra in a gum tree??

  4. Barbara Reagan Says:

    Has anybody heard a version with an ending “and a wally nugger up a gum tree”

  5. anastasia Says:

    I remember singing this song in infants school, either being year 1 or 2 and it was an Emu up a gum tree. That was back 1989?!?

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