Teaching Children about Dreamcatchers for Thanksgiving

Photo of a Dreamcatcher

In honor of Thanksgiving, my daughter made a dreamcatcher in school. Dreamcatchers were originally made by the Ojibway Native American tribe. They would make them out of a branch in a circular shape and tie them. Then string is used to make a web that’s wound across the loop. (Traditionally the string came from an animal. My daughter’s class used colorful thin yarn to make theirs.) A hole should be left in the middle. Finally, feathers should hang down from the dreamcatcher.

You hang the dreamcatcher over a child’s bed or crib. It’s supposed to catch nightmares in its webs, while allowing the good dreams to escape through the middle hole and enter the child’s sleeping mind.

The idea of the dreamcatcher is an interesting Native American tradition to teach children for Thanksgiving.

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