Spanish Columbus Day Poem

Here’s a Columbus Day poem in Spanish by Elena Gloria Ferral, followed by an English translation…

A Cristobal Colón

Del puerto de Palos
partió Colón,
con tres carabelas
y un gran corazón.

Soñaba con tierras
lejanas tal vez,
adonde llevarles
su amor y su fe.

Un doce de octubre
a ellas llegó
y en nombre de España
tomó posesión.

To Christopher Columbus
(English Translation)

From Palos harbor
Columbus left
with three caravels
and a big heart.

He dreamed of
faraway lands perhaps,
where he could bring
his love and faith.

A 12th of October
he reached them,
and on behalf of Spain
he claimed them.

Many thanks to Monique Palomares from Mamá Lisa’s World en español for contributing this poem. Translated by Monique (with a little help from Mama Lisa).

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    This sight held some very useful information. I would like to know a bit more about what food they eat, what they wear, if there are any rituals, and what decorations are put up for this celebration.

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