Song for Your Enjoyment: Sometimes I Feel

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Jeff Gilpin was kind enough to share his song with us called, “Sometimes I Feel”. He even provided the chords so you can learn how to play it on guitar.

The song is about accepting who you are. Sit back, relax and enjoy a listen below…

MP3 Recording of Sometimes I Feel

Sometimes I feel…
By Jeff Gilpin

[C]Sometimes I feel like an old guitar
[F]Struggling to stay in [C]tune.
[F]Usually I can’t get the [C]right sound out,
But I can [G]quickly empty the [G7]room.
Though [F]when I’m right and [C]in my groove
I’ve got [Em]everyone tapping their [Am]toes
[F]Until my tuning goes [C]south again;
When that [G]happens again ah who [Am]knows. [G]

[C]Sometimes I feel like a beat up old car
That’s been [F]working too hard for too [C]long.
A [F]life that’s far from [C]interesting story,
But would [G]make a good country [G7]song.
[F]Eventually I find I [C]get you to where
I [Em]thought that you wanted to [Am]go.
While [F]getting in everyone [C]else’s way,
Not [G]driving deliberately [Am]slow.

And [Em]sometimes I feel that [Am]I’m just me.
And [Em]sometimes that is just [Am]fine.
I’d [Em]rather be me but more [Am]often than not I’m
That [F]old guitar, or that [G]beat up old [G7]car… or
[C]Sometimes I wish I was someone else
Who could [F]do all the stuff I can’t [C]now.
I’d [F]understand all these [C]newest ideas and
[G]Apply all that knowledge some[G7]how.

But I’m [F]not so I’ll have to con[C]tinue to be
The [Em]me that’s got me this [Am]far,
Like the [F]guitar I never can [C]keep in tune
Or that [G]beat up and old
Hard to [G]start when it’s cold
But a [G]reliable and some[F]times dependable [C]car.

Sometimes I feel… By Jeff Gilpin – August 4th, 2018

You can listen to more of Jeff Gilpin’s Music on Soundcloud.

Many thanks to Jeff for sharing his song with us!

Mama Lisa

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