Searching for a Nursery Rhyme that Begins with Z!

We’ve been very busy here, redesigning Mama Lisa’s House of Nursery Rhymes, which features traditional English Mother Goose. The new design will break down the rhymes alphabetically. Each letter of the alphabet will have its own page – and that page will have all of the rhymes we have that begin with that letter. This will allow us to expand the site more than we can now.

The new site will also have French and Spanish translations for many of the nursery rhymes.

One problem we’ve run into is that we can’t find any traditional nursery rhymes that begin with Z! It’s unfortunate, because that would leave the Z page empty.

Some sites solve this problem by posting a song called Zum Gali Gali. However, Zum Gali Gali is not a traditional English nursery rhyme. It’s a Hebrew song from Israel.

If anyone can think of any English nursery rhymes that start with Z – it can be from any English speaking country – please let me know! You can comment below or email me directly.

Thanks in advance.

-Mama Lisa

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